For several years we presented the Ultradwarf Revolution in an effort to introduce more of you to the concept of using these grasses for golf course putting greens. Over the last 13 years Modern Turf has planted MiniVerde on well over 125 golf facilities in eleven states and numerous countries. We have it growing on courses with budgets of less than $350k and well over $1million. Things have changed over the years. We have seen the introduction of new tools like brushes and groomers while products like fungicides, fine sand and numerous new wetting agents have all changed the way we manage this grass. As seen by some of you we have experienced changes in the plant as well.

In an effort to better inform our network of growers we have put together a venue to learn and share information regarding the best way to manage this grass for the benefit of our clients. We have secured Dr. Jim Brosnan from the University of Tennessee and his graduate student Eric Reasor as speakers to present their findings from extensive research on ultradwarf off-types. We have also invited Cam Copley from Nufarm to discuss some exciting information regarding their growth regulator called Anuew and its ability to mute or soften the appearance of some variations.

Most importantly we believe the assembly of as many of you as possible in the same room will lead to some great discussion and sharing of innovative ideas on how to better manage this grass on many levels. We will discuss all aspects of cultural management, fertility, mowing heights, disease control, irrigation and moisture management. As those of you who are interested in attending prepare to attend this symposium, we ask you to send us specific topics for discussion or questions you may have that you would like to have answered.

We will provide breakfast to anyone who chooses to spend the night or just shows up by 8 or 8:30 and hope to get started at 9am. We will serve you a great lunch around noon and try to have you back on the road by 3:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon. Please feel free to bring your assistant or any staff you feel would benefit from attending. Just let us know who and how many when you register. If you are interested in getting a room at the Pine Needles Lodge, we have negotiated a price of $110 per room. If you want to reserve a room call Pine Needles Lodge at 910-692-7111 and tell them it’s for the MiniVerde Managers Meeting.

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